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Customer Service


ASSIST’s Customer Service is at your service and available at :

1. Whatsapp : (+62) 813-9849-4986

2.  E-mail :csanugerahsekuritas@gmail.com

FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q :About Username, Password and PIN

A :The Username, Password and PIN to access the online system will be notified by email once the client’s securities account is activated. Any changes to the Password do not necessarily change the PIN because Password and PIN are made for 2 (two) different purposes. Password is used to log in, while PIN is used to place orders, or to access client’s account (client statement or client portfolio).

Q :Password generation criteria

A :Password must consists of combination of capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters, and at least 6 characters long.

Q :Enter the wrong password or forget the password to your account?

A :Mistakenly enter or attempt the wrong Password for 3 (three) times, the account will be automatically blocked. When that happens, please immediately contact Customer Service for assistance.